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An approved Sanctioned Tournament Hosting Application confirms that a particular tournament is sanctioned by US Club Soccer. This fact sheet alone neither confirms nor denies US Club Soccer sanctioning.
As a National Association member of the U.S. Soccer Federation, US Club Soccer is authorized by U.S. Soccer Federation Bylaws to sanction tournaments.
Teams may attend a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament using their US Club Soccer passcards without restriction. Your players and staff are covered by a secondary accident insurance policy. Your club is covered by liability insurance.
Under U.S. Soccer Federation Policy 601-7, you may not be denied the right to attend an “open/unrestricted” tournament (as nearly all are) sanctioned by a U.S. Soccer Federation member, other than for legitimate disciplinary reasons.
However, non-US Club Soccer teams attending a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament may be denied insurance coverage or passcard usage by their state association.
Each state association has different rules, and you may need to obtain travel permission or provide travel notice. You should clarify what will be done well in advance of the event. If your state association has denied the use of your passcards, contact the tournament host to see what form of player identification is accepted. It is suggested that you apply at the earliest possible time. If you have complied with your state association’s travel permission procedures, they are required to approve your travel.
If you are unable to obtain insurance coverage or travel permission from your state association (if required) or have been denied use of your passcards, here are your options:
1. Determine whether the tournament host has obtained supplemental insurance covering all attending teams. This is the first step you should take. US Club Soccer offers this supplemental insurance coverage to tournament hosts, which applies only to youth tournaments, not to adult tournaments.
2. Join US Club Soccer as a tournament team, and obtain passcards. If the tournament host has not obtained supplemental insurance coverage for all attending teams, those that have been accepted to a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament may join US Club Soccer as a tournament team. Your team will receive passcards and insurance coverage that is valid for the entire registration year. This option is not available for teams wanting to participate in the National Cup, which is open only to teams that are part of a full US Club Soccer member club.   4. QUESTIONS:
Please contact your respective Membership Services Representative. We will assist in clarifying these matters with your state association if necessary.

Section I. 
(A) Any properly registered team has the right to enter any competition involving Organization Members or their members provided that it is eligible under the rules of that competition, pays all required fees, and is in good standing. 
(B) No Organization Member or member of an Organization Member shall interfere with the opportunity of a player, coach or team to travel to compete in a competition, including a game, scrimmage, tournament or League governed by Section 1(A) above and shall not deny permission to travel unless that player, coach or team has been prohibited from doing so for disciplinary reasons pursuant to the due process requirements set forth in Bylaw 701. The foregoing shall not prevent Organization Members and their members from having bylaws, rules, or policies that penalize teams or players for failing to meet their previously scheduled game commitments or prevent Organization Members from enforcing reasonable notification requirements prior to travel. 
(C) Any Organization Member or member of an Organization Member, player, coach or individual denied the right to participate in any competition involving Organization Members or their members has the right of appeal and/or grievance through the applicable procedures set forth in Federation Bylaws and Policies.
Section 2. 
(A) Tournaments hosted by Organization members or their members shall fall within one of the following two classes:  (1) Unrestricted Tournament: A tournament that is open to all Federation affiliated participants. Any tournament that allows international participants must be an Unrestricted Tournament.  (2) Restricted Tournament:  A tournament that is open only to members of a single Organization Member or a subset thereof.
(B) Organization Members and their members shall be entitled to sponsor and/or approve tournaments in and according to reasonable requirements they establish as long as done so in a fair and timely manner. No Organization Member or member of an Organization member shall have a bylaw, rule or policy that prohibits their members from participating in Unrestricted Tournaments. Organization Members may not deny approval to host a tournament on the basis that the tournament is Unrestricted. 
Section 3. 
This policy does not apply to Professional Leagues or Indoor Professional Leagues. 
RATIONALE  To ensure that players have as many opportunities as possible to participate in tournaments and competitions, and to make the policy consistent with U.S. Soccer's organizational structure.

Section 1. One Organization Member may not require that all of the players, coaches, teams, and administrators of another Organization Member (who have been registered with, and fees paid to, the Federation as required by section 1 of Bylaw 212) be registered with the first Organization Member as a condition for only some of those players, coaches, teams, or administrators participating in the activities of the first Organization Member. The first Organization Member may require registration of only those players, coaches, teams, and administrators of the other Organization Member that actually participate in the activities of the first Organization Member. Those players, coaches, teams, and administrators of the other Organization Member registering with the first Organization Member shall comply with all of the regular registration requirements of the first Organization Member.

Section 2. An Organization Member (other than a Professional League) shall not discriminate against the participation of players, teams, coaches or clubs on the basis of that player, coach, team, or club's membership in, or affiliation with, another organization. The Federation encourages its Organization Members to allow teams of all other Members to participate in tournaments sponsored by them or any of its organization members when the teams otherwise comply with the tournament eligibility requirements. A tournament sponsor may charge each team of another Member an additional fee of not more than $25 to participate in the tournament.

Section 3. Any Organization Member sanctioning a tournament shall require the host of the tournament to identify the Organization Member that sanctioned the tournament on all tournament advertisements and promotional materials, including any promotional emails, online promotions, or websites for the tournament.


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