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Kootenai Health is our community-owned hospital that provides medical services throughout northern Idaho and the Inland Northwest.  We are proud to have Kootenai as our medical tent sponsor for the Bill Eisenwinter Hotshot Tournament.

Kootenai Health Rehabilitation Services, along with local athletic trainers, will have staff available at our central field locations.  Physicians from Kootenai Clinic Family Medicine Residency, and Kootenai Clinic Orthopedics, will also be available when needed.

Field locations:
  • Canfield Middle School (primary medical tent)
  • Hayden Meadows Elementary
  • Coeur d'Alene Soccer Complex/Skyway Elementary
    Lake City High School
    Post Falls High School
These medical tents will be your resource for:
  • Injury assistance or consultation
  • Pre-game taping/preparation
  • A variety of over-the-counter medications
  • Minor medical emergencies
The medical tent staff are a great resource for:
  • Connecting you with their Same-Day Orthopedic Care program
  • Nutrition Tips for Student Athletes
  • Soccer Speed Warm-up and Cool-down ideas
  • Concussion: Symptoms and treatment


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