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This tournament is sanctioned by USYSA and US Club Soccer under the Open Cup format. This allows competitive teams from both US Club Soccer and any other USSF affiliated members (state associations, etc.) to compete in this event.  

Participation in the tournament is open to accepted boys and girls teams for U-8 through U-19 meeting the age limit of the specified division. Players must have been born during, or subsequent to, the divisional year, as defined by US Soccer guidelines.

Age groups:                                              Format:    Max Roster:    Guest:
Under 19 (January 1, 1999 and younger) 11 v 11          18                  3 
Under 18 (January 1, 2000 and younger) 11 v 11          18                  3 
Under 17 (January 1, 2001 and younger) 11 v 11          18                  3 
Under 16 (January 1, 2002 and younger) 11 v 11          18                  3 
Under 15 (January 1, 2003 and younger) 11 v 11          18                  3 
Under 14 (January 1, 2004 and younger) 11 v 11          18                  3 
Under 13 (January 1, 2005 and younger) 11 v 11          18                  3

Under 12 (January 1, 2006 and younger)   9 v 9            16                  3 
Under 11 (January 1, 2007 and younger)   9 v 9            16                  3

Under 10 (January 1, 2008 and younger)   7 v 7            14                   3 
Under 9   (January 1, 2009 and younger)   7 v 7            14                   3

Under 8   (January 1, 2010 and younger)   5 v 5            10                   3  

Combining of age groups will be done at the Tournament Committee's discretion, if needed.  Each team accepted must be registered with either US Club Soccer or with a national state association affiliated with USSF.

Out of state teams that are NOT affiliated with US Club Soccer must have Permission to Travel Form signed by their association. This is NOT required for US Club Soccer teams.

Guest players must be identified in gotsoccer to be eligible for tournament play. Adding guest players after the check-in deadline or on the day of the event will not be allowed. Guest players must have a current and valid player registration card issued by the same national association that issued the cards for the rest of the team. Guest players from a different club must have written permission from the player's club.

No player may compete in the tournament in two age groups or on two separate teams/game rosters in the same weekend.  

Play up forms required for any players playing up more than 2 years for team U8 through U14.


All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as specifically modified by these rules.

HEADING at U12 & younger is prohibited.

When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick (IFK) should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.


Ignorance of these rules, or referee decisions shall not be grounds for protest.


Bracketing shall be formed at the discretion of the tournament committee. All teams will be scheduled for a minimum of three games. The tournament will make efforts to provide multiple divisions at most age groups  

  • Gold Division
  • Silver Division

Although teams may request to be placed in a specific division, final placement is at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. Divisions may be deleted, combined or added at the Tournament Committee's discretion.


The duration of all tournament games shall be in accordance with the following:

two 20-minute halves, 5-minute half time, no overtime period

U9 - U12:
two 25-minute halves, 5-minute half time, no overtime period 
U13 - U16:
two 30-minute halves, 5-minute half time, no overtime period 

U17 - U19:
two 35-minute halves, 5-minute half time, no overtime period 

Games will start/end at the listed times on the released schedule. All tournament games will be a running clock. No stoppage of time. The tournament director may adjust playing times as circumstances warrant.

The referee is the official timekeeper and therefore all decisions regarding game duration are solely at the referee's discretion and shall not be protested.

All preliminary and semi-final games will be the length listed above with a 5-minute half time. Preliminary games may end in a tie. Semi-final games ending in a tie after regulation time will go immediately to FIFA penalty kicks to determine the winner. 


Players' numbers MUST be listed on the Roster approved by the tournament staff. Jersey numbers can be written on the Roster. Players must wear numbers visible on the back of their uniforms and these numbers shall coincide with those listed on the team's Roster. (U8-U10 teams that do not have player numbers on their uniforms must be listed by name on the Roster)

Players shall wear shin guards in accordance with FIFA laws.

No jewelry will be allowed.

All teams must have a set of alternate jerseys in case of color conflict. The home team is responsible for wearing a contrasting color. The goalie must also have an alternate jersey. The designated home team is listed first on the schedule.  

All efforts will be made to ensure games have complete referee team. When requested by the referee, each team must provide a referee assistant. At the discretion of the referee scheduler, U8-U10 games may not have referee assistants.

The designated home team must provide the game ball. A size 4 ball is used for U-8 through U-12 play, and a size 5 ball is used for U-13 through U-19 play.  

Players and coaches of both teams will take the same side of the field. All other supporters will take the opposite side. Teams may have up to 3 team officials on the sideline with their players. All team officials need to possess a valid coach card.

The use of US Soccer and FIFA approved soft headbands are approved. These will have the US Soccer and/or FIFA logos on them.  

Casts and braces must be padded and approved by the referee prior to each match; braces must be worn as intended by the manufacturer. Using the cast or brace in any intentional manner is grounds for removal from the tournament.

Field Size: U8 (5 v 5): approx. 75 x 120                
                  U9 - U10 (7 v 7): approx. 135 x 195 
                  U11 - U12 9 v 9: approx. 160 x 225
                  U13 - U19 11 v 11: approx. range 165 x 300 to 210 x 330


In all age divisions, unlimited substitutions may be made with the referee's permission:

A. After a goal has been made. 
B. At the beginning of the second half of play or prior to the beginning of an overtime period. 
C. At a goal kick by either team. 
D. At a throw-in by either team. 

Limited substitutions may be made, with the referee's permission:

A. In case of stoppage of play for an injury; or 
B. To replace a cautioned player.

Under no circumstances may substitutions be made:

A. On corner kicks.
B. After the game has ended in a tie and FIFA penalty kicks will be required to determine a winner.


Points: In preliminary games, teams shall be awarded points for game results as follows:

  • Win or forfeit: Six (6) points
  • Tie: Three (3) points  
  • Loss: Zero (0) points
  • Shut-out: One (1) point
  • Goals: One (1) point for each goal up to three (3) maximum.

The referee will ensure that the game report forms are properly completed, signatures obtained from Referee Assistants and both coaches, and the scores recorded at the end of each game.

It is the responsibility of the coaches to review and sign the game report PRIOR to referee submitting the report at the end of the game  

It is the responsibility of the referee to deliver the completed and signed score card to the appropriate tournament official promptly at the conclusion of each game. In case of a discrepancy, the game report form, signed by the referee, prevails.

At the end of the preliminary rounds, the flight winner will be the team with the most points in their flight. In the event of a tie within a flight, the following criteria will be applied sequentially to determine the winner:

A. Head to head competition. This will only apply when all teams that are tied have played one another in the preliminary round.
B. Goal differential (goals scored minus goals conceded) with a maximum of three (3) goals per game. The highest score differential wins. For a team with forfeit wins, goals scored and goals allowed in forfeited games shall be equal to its average goals scored and allowed in its other preliminary games.
C. Least number of goals allowed in all tournament games. For a team with forfeit wins, goals allowed
in forfeited games shall be equal to its average goals allowed in its other preliminary games.
D. Most shutouts
E. Least amount of points per card: yellow = 1 point, red = 2 points
F. Least amount of red cards during all tournament games.
G. FIFA "Kicks from the penalty mark". If "Kicks from the penalty Mark" are required, they will be scheduled Sunday morning. Teams are to meet Sunday morning at 7:30am (or time mutually agreed upon by both teams and Tournament Director) at the respective Headquarters for team¡¦s age group.

In flights with no semi-final or championship games (round robin), the winner (champion) will be the team with the highest points and 2nd place will be the team with the second highest points. In the event of a tie for 1st or 2nd place, the tie breaking criteria A through G above will be applied sequentially to determine the winners.

If three or more teams are tied, the tie breaking criteria A through G above will be applied sequentially until a winner can be determined. If two or more teams remain tied after a winner is determined, the tie breaking criteria A through G above will be reapplied sequentially until all ties are broken.


Winners of each flight advance into either the semi-final or championship game depending on the number of flights in a division.

In flights with 7 teams in one bracket, the #1 and #2 place teams after group play will play in the Championship match.

In divisions of 3 flights:
Winners of Flights A and C will play each other for semi-final match #1
Winner of Flight B will play the "wild card" team with the most points, excluding flight winners
If the wild card team is also from flight "B", the wild card team will play the winner of Flight A, and Flight Winners B and C will play the second semi-final game.

Overtime will be played in case of a tie at the end of regulation time only in championship games. The winner (champion) will be determined as follows:

A. Two 5-minute overtime periods (non golden goal). 
B. If still tied, FIFA penalty kicks. All players on the field must kick before any player may kick a second time.
Medals are awarded only to the division winner (champion) and runner-up team (finalist). These are the two teams that play in the division's championship game.


A team shall be allowed a five (5) minute grace period after the scheduled kick-off time before the match is considered a forfeit. The following number of players shall constitute a valid team:

  • U8 (5v5), 4 players minimum
  • U9 (7v7), 6 players minimum
  • U10 - U12 (9v9), 7 players minimum
  • U13 - U19 (11v11), 9 players minimum  

If both teams fail to show or are not ready to play following the five (5) minutes grace period, zero (0) points shall be recorded for both teams.  

In no case shall a team that forfeits a game be declared a flight winner or a wild card team. If an apparent flight winner forfeits a game, the team in that flight with the next best record shall be named the flight winner. In addition, in divisions where the second place team of one flight plays the first place team of another flight in the semi-final game, in no case shall a team that has forfeited a game be declared the second place team in a flight. The team with the next best record in the flight shall be declared the second place team and play in the semi-final game.  

If a team is the cause for termination of a game, that team will be considered to have forfeited that game. The determination as to which team is the cause for the termination shall be at the sole discretion of the referee on the field and the decision may not be protested.

A forfeit in the preliminary rounds shall be awarded as six (6) points for the win and the score will stand at the time of the forfeit. If the score is 0-0 at the time of the forfeit, the score will be recorded as 1-0. Forfeits of a semi-final or championship game shall be recorded as 1-0.

Any team forfeiting a championship game will not be entitled to individual medals or team awards.

Failure to check-in prior to Team Check-In closing or ninety (90) minutes prior to the team¡¦s first scheduled game (whichever is earlier) is grounds for a forfeit.  

Playing a "red-carded player" (a player receiving either a red card or two yellow cards in one game) in the game following the receipt of a red card is grounds for a forfeit.


Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear at their respective field site, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match. Only the tournament director may cancel or postpone a match. Referees may suspend a match only.

High Temperatures: The tournament committee has the right to institute water breaks, if there are high temperatures during the tournament. This is not a coaching break; players must remain on the field.

If there is lightning in the area or if the weather could cause risk to participants and those attending the games, play will be suspended. Players, coaches, referee and spectators should immediately move to vehicles or shelter upon a weather stoppage, but should not leave the area until games are declared complete as indicated below.

In the event of inclement weather or field conditions, the Tournament Director or official representative(s) will have the authority to:

A. Relocate or reschedule any game(s).
B. Change the duration of any game(s).
C. Cancel any preliminary game(s).
D. Consider any game terminated by game or tournament officials after one half of play as official as of the time of termination.
E. Determine the format for advancement.
F. If the weather delay is longer than 30 minutes, all games in progress will be declared complete, with the score at stoppage as the final score, regardless of how many minutes had been played. If the match has never started, every reasonable attempt will be made to reschedule the game. 

If the Tournament Director rules that during a preliminary round penalty kicks will be taken due to inclement weather or field conditions, the following rain rule will apply:

A. Each team will take a maximum of five (5) penalty kicks. 
B. At the end of five (5) penalty kicks, the game will be scored as a 1-0 win for the team that has scored more penalty kicks, or a 0-0 tie if both teams are tied in penalty kicks at the end of five (5) kicks. 
C. In the overall standings, six (6) points will be given for the win, three (3) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss. 
D. If regular games have been played in the bracket and the Tournament Director has determined that other games go to penalty kicks due to inclement weather or field conditions, the regular games¡¦ score will revert to a 1-0 win or 0-0 tie. 

There will be no refunds or reimbursements of tournament application fees, hotels, rentals or any other expenses for cancellation or forfeiture of games.


Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Laws of The Game as well as the letter of the Laws of The Game. Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and the surrounding field area. Repeated violations may result in the suspension of the team from the tournament as decided by the Tournament Director of Competition.

Infractions or violations of Tournament Rules may result in any of the following penalties:

  • Ineligibility of a player or team from tournament play
  • Forfeiture of a game or games
  • Return of trophies or medals
  • Revocation of titles

If a team withdraws after registration deadline or does not show for the tournament, no refunds will be given.

If the referee abandons the game, the final score will remain as it is at the time of the abandonment. If abandonment occurs solely due to the misconduct of one team, that team shall forfeit the game.  

Players, coaches and team officials ejected from a game by the referee shall be ineligible for the next scheduled game. Coaches and team officials ejected from a game by the referee shall leave the facility and not return until they are eligible. Coaching remotely (via cell phones, etc.) is not permitted.

Players receiving three (3) yellow cards during the course of the tournament must sit out their next match.

Any player receiving a red card ejection shall sit out the next scheduled tournament game.

A player receiving a second ejection shall be prohibited from competing in additional tournament games.

It is the responsibility of the team's coach or the person acting in the coach's behalf to control the conduct of its parents and other spectators. Failure to do so may result in a warning to the coach or the person acting in the coach's behalf by the referee. If unacceptable conduct continues, the referee may eject the team's coach, or the person acting in the coach's behalf, from the game.

In accordance with the US Club Soccer and USYSA Tournament Hosting Agreements, all red and yellow cards and other matters involving team conduct will be reported to the home club and State/Provincial Association of the team involved as well as the US Club Soccer and USYSA national offices.

Artificial noise making devices are prohibited.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any of the field sites.

Pets/animals are not permitted at any of the field sites.

Report of Disciplinary Action:

For United States Teams, their state organization will be notified of that team or teams of any disciplinary action taken or required.

For CONCACAF teams, the USSF will be notified by tournament committee of disciplinary action taken and that the Federation will transmit the disciplinary action taken or required to that team¡¦s provincial or national association.


A player who demonstrates signs of concussion as a result of an observed or suspected blow to the head or body must leave the field and may not return to play in that match.

Referees will include in their match report information about any player required to leave the field because of a suspected concussion.

A player who has been removed from a game by a referee because of suspected concussion is ineligible to play until the tournament director has received a copy of a medical release signed by a health professional that authorizes an unrestricted return to competition.


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